Youtube Gurus Know Best

Need ideas on what new makeup looks to try, you don’t have to wait around for the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars to come out..just search up Youtubes best beauty gurus.

It’s Judy Time

Judy is one of Youtubes Top Gurus for Makeup



She started of doing youtube videos when she was only 20 years old, and now being 25, she has lived her life filming her new tips and tricks to beauty, with hair and makeup. She has this new segment on her channel called first empression, where she will give you realistic comments on certain makeup. This has helped her reach a big fan base!

Nicole Guerriero



At the age of 18, Nicole Guerriero started making Youtube videos because she always wanted to know the real outcome of using makeup that was branded, she never believed what the ads would say through the TV and Magazines, she slowly started making up makeup tutorials and lately has been a big hit on Youtube with over 700,000 subscribers on her channel!

Carli Bybel



Carli Bybel at the age of 23 has been a big hit with Youtube videos, at only starting up about a year ago. She always wished to have a youtube channel, but never had the nerve to make one up until one of her best friends said she would pursue her dreams if carli did too, and so she has gotten her start.


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